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Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly we each go on a journey of change and growth. The journey can have ups and down and include roads not taken. An important part of this transformation is the ability to include positivity in all aspects of your life. This blog will provide information on different topics and tales of successes and failures – all with the positive activation that occured.

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Blue Zones

There are five areas in the world, known as Blue Zones, where residents live longer, healthier and happies lives. There has been a lot of research into why the people that inhabit these locations, which are in vary different parts of the world, enjoy their longevity. As I continue on my wellness journey learning moreContinue reading “Blue Zones”

The Great Resignation

The great resignation has run across this country like a strong wind blowing across a wheat field spreading the seeds wide and far. After years of people overworking themselves, running after the dollar or title a virus swept across the world changing perspectives. We really should have seen this coming. How long can we expectContinue reading “The Great Resignation”

One Conversation

You all have NO idea what the power of one courageous and curious conversation has led to…that’s right! ONE!Start Small. Dream Big. Make a Difference I am super grateful for that ONE conversation and every conversation I have had on this journey since then. I love the company, my team, and the community we areContinue reading “One Conversation”


Airports are terrific places to watch, observe, meet people and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s watch football madness. One of the few restaurants open at the SLC airport last night was jam packed. Some of the people waiting for the red eye’s home wanted dinner, but many just wanted a seat with a drink and maybeContinue reading “SUPER FANS!”


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