Rule of 5

John Maxwell

Today’s lesson is about the rule of fives that John Maxwell speaks on. They are important! Using these five rules as a guide will allow you to move from wanting, to doing, to succeeding.

  1. Know what you want – you have to know what you really want, be very clear. If someone asked you in an elevator what you want can you give them a precise answer as you go up one floor? If not, take the time to make it crystal clear in you mind! When we know exactly what we want the path opens and we move forward.
  2. Have the right tools – if you don’t have the tools in your toolbox you need to take the time to get them or borrow them! What do I mean by this? If I am a new distributor and learning the company I may have the tools and enthusiasm to invite and introduce products but I might need to get further educated or invite someone who has been involved longer to explain specific details as I learn and grow. That is perfectly fine! Actually, it one of the ways to be most successful!
  3. Get focused – if you want to get from point A to point B you need to spend focused time on the journey. Start by blocking off as little as 30 minutes a day in your calendar and use that time to GO ALL IN! That is how many entrepreneurs went from rags to riches!
  4. Stay Consistent – you can’t spend those 30 minutes on days when it is convenient. You have to carve them out and make them your priority. It needs to happen EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  5. Persist until you succeed – I love the image below. I can truly imagine how many times someone has put their heart and soul into something and walked away just before they peaked because they got frustrate. Stay the course!

Being an entrepreneur can be frustrating. Be sure to surround yourself with like minded people who are willing to support you on the journey. The greatest adventures are those that have a community, resources and the desire for all to succeed. I have found my community and we are growing! How about you? If you have, AMAZING keep moving forward. If you haven’t – join me, I’d love to grow together!

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