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When researching today’s TBC audio file “Freedom is the other side of Fear” I found this great graphic. Which circle do you want to live in? Which one will help you grow personally and professionally? Staying in our comfort zone, definitely not, you cannot achieve what you do not strive for. The biggest successes are usually outside our comfort zone.

Taking a step outside our comfort zone may require a journey through the circle of fear. When we dip our toes into this circle we: lack confidence, find excuses and are effected by others’ opinions. We have two choices, we can Forget Everything And Run back to our comfort zone or we can take a deep breath and then Face Everything And Rise!

In choosing to Rise we enter the learning zone. I personally love the learning zone. It provides me with new information, challenges, and solutions. I acquire new skills and rise further through learning. It truly does expand my comfort zone!

Learning allows me to reach the Growth Zone! This is where success happens. I can find purpose and live out my dreams. In reaching the growth zone I have conquered that initial fear. Take a look at the circles again, FEAR is so small compared to all the other circles! Don’t allow fear to hold you back!

Face your fears head on and rise above them. Anytime you are caught in the circle of fear take a second to reflect on something else that was fearful in your life that you overcame. Pull on the strength of that victory to propel you from your comfort zone through fear and into the learning and growth circles!

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