Not Everyone Will Support You!

“I am thankful to all those who said no. Because of them I did it myself” ~ Albert Einstein.

I love this quote and it holds true. When someone tells you they don’t think it is a good idea you can either believe it and stop where you are or you can become more determined to break through. So many times we allows other peoples no’s taint our journey. Remember, the person you are talking with probably isn’t as “in love” with the idea, project, process, business as you are. That person could be at a different place in their life and they cannot imagine getting to where you are going!

Surround yourself with people that have similar dreams, ambitions, drives. If someone says they can’t support you in a certain aspect of your life don’t try to drag them in kicking and screaming. Let them support you in the areas they can! If they can’t support you are all, be grateful for the positive times you shared and move on. Every piece of our lives does not need to be fully understood by others. Your dreams and goals belong to you! Go after them with tenacity!!

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