Giving Up Likes to Get Loves

Today’s audio file from The TBC was focused on giving up likes to get loves. It comes down to prioritizing what we would really LOVE to have in our life over the things that we like. I like to watch shows on Food Network because I enjoy cooking and find inspirational ideas. I LOVE the idea of spending time at the beach. If I want to do this I should reprioritize my cooking show time by doing things that will get me to that beach!

Personally that means:

  • Attending training sessions for my health and wellness business
  • Reaching out to potential clients for my coaching business
  • Connecting and collaborating with others
  • Inspiring others to join my wellness company
  • Educating people on the benefits of cellular activation

What “likes” are you willing to give up to spend time on things that will help you get your “loves”? Make a commitment to focus on the “loves” and release some “likes”!

Make a list of what you need to do and then replace likes with those items on a consistent bases. This will lead to success and bring your “loves” into fruition faster.

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