Don’t Get Attached to the End Results

The TBC’s topic today was “Not being attached to the end results”. I found this quote by Adelina Pandia that seems to fit this topic well. “Don’t get attached to the results you think you should have.”

What is meant by this? Get attached to your process, the steps you need to take and your goals. You can’t always control the outcome. If you are selling something it may not be the right time for the person to buy. If you are proposing a change to a process it may not be possible due to internal limitations (time, money, technology).

Let me give you a scenario – you are a coach and growing your consulting business. You know you can help person X. You reach out to person X and provide them a free consultation to show them what you can provide, the value, the time commitment. You are 100% they will say yes. They politely decline. Does that mean you did something wrong? No! Look back at the process? Did you do everything you needed to? Was everything presented in the best way possible? Was there anything you would change? If no, move on. If yes, it is a learning opportunity to improve for the future.

Don’t get attached to the outcome. This can leave you disappointed constantly. I have worked in several businesses. In one the average acceptance rate was 65%. I learned from every decline! I would have stressed myself out if I was 100% attached to the outcome the other 35% of the time. Instead, I was attached to the process and learning opportunities.

My health and wellness business is considered an MLM model. Oh know, I used the dreaded letters! I am going to say it, I have seen some terrible MLM models and companies that eat their own. I am here an happy to report I am supported, provided leaning opportunities that encompass all areas of my life, know exactly how I can earn money and how much I will earn, have a true community, and don’t have to purchase or have products sitting in my house. I know the word MLM scares a certain # of people off, I know a certain # of people will say no. I don’t allow the results of my conversations or other peoples views to change the fact that I believe in the products and the results. I know I can help other people to be healthier, happier and have an additional source of income.

So remember, life is full of ups and downs, it is truly about the journey. Don’t get so attached to the end result that you miss the adventure!!

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