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Do you manage your time or

does it manage you?

Today in The TBC “mentoring series” the audio file discussed time management. In order to be successful and grow in business and life we need to learn some serious time management skills. It is so easy to allow time to pass by while watching one more TV show, finishing one more video before you move on to the next task. Emails…if you are distracted and feel the need to answer them immediately it breaks your focus and getting back in the grove can take way longer than you anticipate.

Use your calendar to your advantage! Book time to respond to email, work on projects, meet with friends and family. Block off time that you are going to use for things that are on your mind or to really just spend time thinking! It may sound a little crazy but you don’t always have total control of your own calendar so it’s important to block off time to work, think, visualize and plan!

Plan tomorrow today! Ask yourself the following questions to get in the grove of managing your time:

  • Is there a priority activity or project I need to get completed? How long do I need to spend on that? Schedule it, maybe it’s one chunk of time. Maybe it’s several small amounts of time.
  • What am I doing to expand my learning?
  • Do I have personal/family time and obligations?
  • Do you have a side business? What income producing activities have you scheduled today?
  • Is today my gym/exercise day?
  • When am I checking/responding to email (try to touch them only once)
  • When am I just relaxing, free thinking?
  • When am I being creative?

Intentionally taking time to plan and schedule allows you to manage your time instead of your time managing you! It leads to improved health, happiness, productivity and success.

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