The Great Resignation

The great resignation has run across this country like a strong wind blowing across a wheat field spreading the seeds wide and far. After years of people overworking themselves, running after the dollar or title a virus swept across the world changing perspectives. We really should have seen this coming. How long can we expect people to work 12-16 hour days? How long before people realize they can’t be accessible 24/7? How long before the noise was loud enough for people to realize there is a direct connection between the stressful lives we were leading and the collapse of our mental and physical health?

The movement started slowly. Some said it was a generational shift. I have heard how the younger generation is lazy and doesn’t have the same commitment to their jobs and companies. I don’t think that is true. I have kids who fall into that generational generalization. I will tell you, they both work HARD and are COMMITTED. The businesses and corporations have changed during this same time. Less benefits are provided and salaries aren’t necessarily balanced with the workload. Companies will move employees around or out to increase profit. The idea of a long term position with one company where you move up the ranks and grow a retirement just isn’t the same anymore.

There are technological advancements that allow us to work more efficiently in less time. Depending on your profession you can work from home some days or from anywhere in the world everyday. There is a call for a stronger work life balance. Does it matter if you work more to make more and can’t enjoy the money you make? People are more confident and willing to start their own companies or work as independent consultants and distributors. People are also more willing to color outside the lines and create a career out of their passions. You can turn a hobby into a million dollar business.

We also have a minimalism movement taking hold. There are different levels to the minimalist movement. Those who want to totally live off the grid and have only what they need at their side. Those who want to minimize their footprint on the planet. Those who want to downsize or live on the road, with only the items that make them happy. Alongside that movement there is a growing “buy and shop local” movement, increased requests for Farmers and Makers markets. When people are buying products they are looking for one of two things: 1) the recommendations of a friend/family member who knows the product 2) the ease of getting the product. This has allowed for an increase in independent distributors selling products directly to consumers and online purchases.

When I heard about the Wellness Wheel a few years ago I was truly intrigued. Since then I have gone on to coach friends, family, and colleagues about the importance of being balanced. If you have interest in looking at your Wellness Wheel balance reach out to me. I think balance is the driving force behind all the changes we are seeing. The desire for a healthier well rounded life created a movement where people are seeking positions that can fit into their desired lifestyle instead of fitting life into their work!

How about you? Have you taken a look at your life? Are you balanced? Do you know how to get balanced? What is it you are really looking for? Take a walk to a nice location. Sit quietly and calmly. Take a few deep breaths and truly evaluate what you need in your life to be fulfilled? It is different for each person. Some will find a profession that feels like a true calling, others will want the security of a regular paycheck and 401K. Some would rather risk it all for the chance of total independence.

If you are looking to start small and dream big let’s chat about opportunities to be your own CEO with my wellness company! We have amazing wellness products, are a global company, and are each leaders of our own business. We collaborate and connect to provide one another with an amazing support system. We thrive on helping each other succeed!

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The world is changing and I love it. Growing up in a military family I had the amazing opportunity to live in Europe for over 7 years. As an adult I have lived in many different states including Hawaii. As a healthcare professional I have heard great lectures on physical health, mental health, overall wellness. I am grateful for the perspective all these different times in my life have provided me. Even when I didn’t realize I had seen or experienced exactly what I was looking for.

You see, these experiences have shown me that connection to family and community is important. Live is meant to be lived, you aren’t meant to work and fit your life in around it. Eating local ingredients and balanced meals is key to our health (this is a piece of the journey I continue to work on). In Hawaii I learned about Eastern, Alternative and Holistic medicine. It has worked for centuries to keep people healthy and happy. I have discovered balancing the use of Eastern and Western medicines has improved my life. I also learned that although we are all different, we are way more similar than many realize.

Life is Built on the Little Things! Have that one curious conversation with the person you meet at the coffee shop or sitting next to you on the plane. Listen to those around you and make BOLD requests. This week I asked for help with automation and a friend and teammate made time for me. I wanted to learn more about my relationship with food and what it does to my body – great meeting with a nutritionist. I then asked a friend how they make investing decisions his response “let’s talk Friday”.

I think The Great Resignation is here because we want to connect to the world around us in a different way. We want the ability to live the life we find most appealing and use work to fund that life. There are so many opportunities to grow, achieve, and excel outside of the traditional box!

Have a terrific weekend ~

Tania, AKA The Positivity Activator

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