Airports are terrific places to watch, observe, meet people and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s watch football madness. One of the few restaurants open at the SLC airport last night was jam packed. Some of the people waiting for the red eye’s home wanted dinner, but many just wanted a seat with a drink and maybe an app in front of the large screen TV’s hanging on the walls. There were in depth discussions all around me. Whose team is the best and why, whose fantasy football team was making them proud and those who thought their player selections would have taken them farther. The night before, I will admit I wasn’t able to watch the Alabama game, but instead got constant updates on my phone. It was a tough loss for us Alabama fans. I love my team and support them win or lose. When I went to Alabama their record wasn’t great, but the atmosphere in the stadium was energizing. The fans and players are passionate and give it their all.

You may be wondering why I am telling you about my observances regarding college and NFL football and peoples reactions. There is a lesson to be learned! This is a short list of things I have learned about football fans (but this can be applied to other sports, hobbies, passions).

  • Super Fans find the money to get tickets to these games
  • Super Fans arrange their weekends around the games
  • Super Fans will buy gear and talk to everyone the meet about “their team”
  • Super Fans can be crushed by a loss, but quickly bounce back to support their team again
  • Super Fans will travel to be with “their team”
  • Super Fans will use vacation time to see the game

Sitting in these same seats I heard the commercial break and halftime conversations about challenges at work, not being able to afford certain items, wanting to go in a different path but not knowing how, wishing they could afford better tickets/seats, and even discussions on wanting more time with their families.

I recommend we become SUPER FANS of something much more important than a football game. Let’s all become SUPER FANS of ourselves. Let’s find a way to get that extra cash to build are life into something so exciting we are electrified to live in it each day. Let’s arrange our weekends around dedicating time to achieve our goals and allow ourselves to Level Up! Let’s buy the gear we need – it may be a laptop, the right clothes, a course, or our very own coach! Let’s have that same passion and desire to share what we do and why…like Super Fans do when talking about their teams. If we meet a roadblock or experience a failure lets dust ourselves off, change into a clean jersey and GO FOR IT AGAIN! Let’s gather with others, in person or virtually to connect and collaborate with one another. We all get further when we support one another. Use some of your vacation time to build your dream! Don’t currently have a job that gives you vacation time, in between jobs? No matter your situation dedicate the time to moving forward to get yourself where you know you should be. BECOME YOUR OWN SUPER FAN!!

It is now Monday morning and the International Airport in Atlanta, GA is beginning to buzz with passengers getting ready to catch the early flights to business meetings, work locations, some on vacations and you know what many are still talking about…the football games that were played this weekend. Yes, I also talk about my team – Alabama – no matter if they win or lose I will still support them! I will then speak with those same people about my passion – living a life filled with wellness. Living a life based on wellcare instead of sickcare. Living a life that makes you your very own SUPER FAN!

Have a great week everyone,

Positivity Activator ~ AKA Tania

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