It’s the Little Things

Happy Sunday, your Positivity Activator is back! I am actually in the airport after three days of vacationing and two days at the 2021 Global Convention for my wellness business. I am energized to the max. It has been so much fun. I did something I have NEVER done before…I wonder why we don’t always take our own advice. After all, I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t believe in.

On Wednesday morning, after giving report to the oncoming Administrator On Call I flipped off my email and group me notifications for work. Even as I type this I haven’t turned them back on and I haven’t checked our activity board. This is the first time since 2002 I have totally disconnected from work, haven’t answered texts/questions or work related phone calls. For clarity’s sake I do have an out of office message responding to my emails and amazing manger’s covering any incoming questions/concerns.

The first day I flew into Salt Lake City, arriving by mid-day. We had a great meal, checked into our hotel and just relaxed! The rental car process at SLC was so simple, the car was clean and comfortable. The snow brush in the passenger’s seat made me wonder, there was snow in the mountains while we were here. It was beautiful to see, but we didn’t have to use the snow brush, PHEW!

The second day we went on an adventure – first hiking the Donut Falls Trail. So, I looked at the weather report and it was in the low 70’s in SLC. Guess, I should have looked at the temperature in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest because it was 44 F. Glad I had my pink Zyia sweatshirt with me (thanks Dima). The hike is 3.5 miles in and out. It is considered an easy trail. We came across two surprises along this hike. The first is when you get to the end of the trail you actually use a pre-mounted rappelling rope to go down the 15 feet to the base of the river and then you walk 20 yards to view the falls. I didn’t have shoes with proper grip and haven’t rappelled in 30 years, but it was worth it. On the way out we met a couple on the trail who had just seen a moose family in the distance day the trail a few hundred feet. We didn’t get to see them, but we heard the baby and the mom, it was truly cool! We then drove to Park City and spent the day walking around Main Street and buying a few things. It truly is a quaint little town reminiscent of a Hallmark movie. Next, we drove to The Crater in Midway, Utah were we swam inside a mineral crater. It was relaxing and the mineral water makes your skin feel soft! We went and walked more of Main Street and then took the short drive up to Snow Park Residences where we took the Funicular to the St. Regis Upper Resort Building. We had an amazing cheese and charcuterie tray, dessert and Sangria for me! The fireplace warmed us as we ate, drank and watched the sunset.

Why am I telling you all this? Because Life is Built on the Little Things!

  • Disconnecting when you can
  • Truly listening to those around you
  • Spending time in nature, observing the beauty around you
  • Celebrating victories
  • Turning challenges and obstacles into opportunities
  • Connecting with others
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone

Life is Built on the Little Things was the theme of the convention I attended in Salt Lake City over the next two days. Convention is a time to celebrate those who have grown their businesses, hear from our board of directors, discuss future expansion plans, receive education on new products and connect with our GLOBAL Tribe.

It was exciting, we launched a new website, expanded the capabilities of our app, enhanced our customer on boarding system and have a new product i c bright! This new product was designed for the health of your eyes, which when surveyed people said is the most important sense. It is so exciting to see our product lines expand and to be able to help more people on their personal wellness journey, pets too!

Our product lines include:

  • Anti-aging
  • General Wellness
  • Immune Health
  • Energy
  • Gut Health
  • Weight Management
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Personal Care
  • Pet

It is truly energizing to hear the growth and expansion that is taking place, not only in products – backed by extensive research and development and supported by over 30 research publications on PubMed, but also by adding new countries. We are welcoming the Philippines in November of 2021! I can’t wait. I am always looking to expand my team and achieve a more diverse footprint. Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and the USA! We can enroll customers in even more places. I am looking for LEADERS, those who are passionate about being their own CEO’s to join me on this adventure.

Our keynote speaker was Bethany Hamilton, you may know her from the movie Soul Surfer. It tells the story of her losing her left arm as the result of a shark attack while surfing in HI. She has truly turned obstacles into opportunities and tragedy into inspiration. She reminded us that no matter what challenges we are facing if we get out of our mind and follow our heart, truly believe in ourselves and go forward determined to achieve whatever goal it is we seek we will succeed. She reminded us to take count of all the Little Things. If we spent more time adding up all we achieved, instead of focusing on what we haven’t we would see the scales are definitely tipped in our favor!

When you are part of a global team it is great to get to spend lunches and dinners catching up, learning and growing from one another. We laughed, congratulated, cried, were surprised and delighted with things that had happened in each others lives since we were together last. COVID kept us apart for two years and it was great to see that in person events are scheduled. There is even a special trip to Croatia, someplace I have never been but would love to go. How about you?

That brings me to today. After an excellent brunch celebrating two birthdays and meeting the new baby born into our team 3 months ago we wandered around the city together, drank coffee, took photos and dinner. They it was airport time. I sit here waiting for our red eye to board. I am humbled to have had all these little experiences. I am grateful for having met so many amazing people in Utah. I continue to be a servant leader in all aspects of my life. I have several passions, but they all have one common link…helping people live a healthier and happier life!

I close by reminding you to live life activated, start small dream big, flip the switch, think outside the box, biohack your lifestyle, feel better do more and most of all remember Life is Built on the Little Things! Sending positive and healing energy your way!

Positivity Activator ~ AKA Tania

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