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The alarm clock rings, and I know longer immediately grab my phone. I take several deep breaths, go through a mini meditation, followed by daily affirmations to solidify the positive pathway I want for my day. I then jump in the shower, have a cup of hot tea (which my husband makes – have you ever noticed it’s better when someone else makes it?). I’ll then open LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. I follow people from different industries, different countries and that speak different languages (so glad they put translation buttons in the apps). I like to see the creativity, innovation, and advancements of the people I follow and the companies they work for.

The one thing that does concern me at times, is the amount of pressure people put on themselves. That along with comments I see about never having time outside work. I worry most because I used to be that person. I was available to my job 24/7 (regardless of being on call). I would cancel family events, take every open shift, and ignore the stress building up inside. Shane Stott wrote in his book The Float Tank Cure “I was selling my happiness and well-being for what I thought was success.” I totally relate to that statement. Without realizing I had done it I made my career my identity. Yes, I work in a life-saving field and the mission means A LOT to me. However, I missed the need to have a wellness plan for myself. My priority list wasn’t in line with living an energetically aligned positive life.

I share this in hopes of giving someone else a wakeup call. Are your choices in line with a wellness journey? Are you connecting and collaborating with people that can help you, provide guidance and insight instead of lifting the load alone? Do you have more positive days that energize you? If not, why? It brightens my soul as I see more professionals share the challenges they faced, the assessments they did on themselves, and the changes they have made.

My wellness path has led me to begin obtaining certifications in different modalities so I can help others. It has grown a desire within me to develop a wellness retreat. Finally, I have decided to try different therapies, meditations, and relaxation modalities. My goal is to be able to share the benefits, my personal experience, and open conversations that drive others to explore and expand their own wellness plan.

Yesterday I visited the float pool at Cahaba Dermatology and Spa in Hoover, AL. I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I had googled more information on float pools. This research led me to The Float Tank Pool by Shane Stott. He tells the story of being stressed out, overworked and the resulting health issues it caused. He learned of float therapy and built his own float tank in his basement. He went on to build a career as the owner and designer of float pools. Did you know you can get a float pool for your home? I decided the best way to start was by going to a local float pool. Luckily, there was one 30 minutes away. The description of the float experience on the Cahaba Derm website made me more excited to try it.

Float therapy is an innovative take on true relaxation. Float pods, intimate, single-person enclosures, are filled with over 1,000 pounds of epsom salt and water to create a buoyant surface that allows each user to float — without any effort and for any body type! Each float contains 10 inches of salinated water, so guests are not required to know how to swim. It’s a complete sensory deprivation experience. All distractions are removed when you’re in the pool, which decreases the production of cortisone, the stress hormone, meaning you’ll feel refreshed after the float. It’s safe to even fall asleep! The benefits of flotation are significant: just one float has linked to decreased stress, higher relaxation and better sleep. Floatation has also been linked to physical benefits, including increased pain management and blood circulation, enhanced athletic training and better immune function. Floating in the 30% salt solution, which feels similar to floating on a cloud (or outer space), provides an elevated level of relaxation, sensory deprivation. Additionally, there are no pressure points on the body once floating, which promotes nearly 100% pain relief. However, with each additional float, the benefits build on themselves! The more you float, the better it gets!

I arrived at the spa and was met with a welcoming and calm atmosphere. I completed the required paperwork and had my personal attendant show me to the changing room. I was provided a super comfy robe and shoes to walk a few doors down to the float room. It was beautifully designed. I was then introduced to floating. They do provide a cap (if you want to wear it) because the salt will dry out your hair. They have a petroleum cream to place a bit on any cuts, eye drops in case you get salt in your eyes, hair ties, and earplugs. You are asked to shower for 5 minutes before and after the float. The attendant then told me she’d knock on the door in an hour.

I stepped into the float pool and used the neck/head float. It is not required, but she did say many people fall asleep. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about that. I was sure I wouldn’t be able to shut my mind down to sleep. I was laying on top of the water, no pressure points, no sinking. It was instantaneously relaxing. They had music from the Spa piped in, I choose to not use air plugs and listen to it. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. I had read in Mr. Stott’s book that he found counting backwards from one hundred cleared his mind while in the float pool, might as well try it. My mind drifted here and there. At first, I did experience a feeling that my body was going to turn in one direction or another, although it wasn’t. They only way I can describe it is feeling like my body was twisting in my mind, but physically was not. If a thought came, I would acknowledge it and then let it go. Now, start backwards from one hundred again. The water was warm, and the float was very relaxing. I had visions of colors and moving wispy air strands come and go.

Knock, Knock, Knock…I don’t think I feel asleep, but I can’t explain the time. It seemed short and long at the same time. Short, because I could not believe it had already been an hour. Long, because I can honestly say I have NEVER felt that relaxed. There was a lightness, clarity, and a sensation of energy surrounding me. After showering to remove the salt I went back to my private dressing room and changed. I was offered a choice of water, juice, or wine. I had sparkling water with cucumber and a hint of lime. I sat on a soft lounge chair that allowed my feet to be elevated and finished my cold drink. They do remind you to stay hydrated. The experience was more than I expected. I made the decision to book a return visit at the end of October. Next up, I am looking for a Salt Room experience.

Take a moment while on our phone or computer and search Float Pool. If there is one in your area, I would highly recommend booking a sixty-minute float. I planned to write this piece last night to share this experience, but when I left the float, the energetic feeling stayed with me. I used the clarity I was experiencing to genuinely enjoy my evening. Prior to bed I spent time using visualization techniques and was able to clearly see the path I have been designing in pieces come together.

I still feel the positive effects of the float today and look forward to continuing my exploration of different wellness techniques. Do you float? I’d recommend a Reset Float!

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