Kindle the Fire

“This mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” I love this quote because it speaks to the desire to continue to learn and grow. We have the traditional teach/learn relationships that we begin in preschool. Many with go on to earn bachelors, masters and doctorate level degrees. Some will choose other paths and learn through technical schools or certification courses. If you look at many job opportunities, even at an entry level, a bachelors degree is being required. It has almost become a standard request. My question is why?

I don’t need an electrician with a four year college degree. I need someone who has studied, apprenticed and can safely work on my electrical issue. It is something that doesn’t interest or make a lot of sense to me but fascinates someone else. I don’t need a beautician with a bachelors degree. I need the person who learned about the best ways to cut, style, and treat my hair. Personally, I was a paramedic for 14 years. I went through a University based paramedic course that took 5 semesters to go from being an EMT to a Paramedic. I then had to sit for my National Registry and take my state certification exam. I didn’t have a bachelors degree. However, if you were having a heart attack, stroke, or trapped inside a vehicle involved in a highway crash I was the person you would have wanted to respond. My colleagues and I were often looked at as the step-children of the medical system. I often wondered why? We are the first line of defense to save your lives. The responses I received were interesting…you haven’t formed a collaborative union, you should all be required to have college degrees. Then two and four year college programs in Paramedicine appeared. The interesting part, they took additional science courses, a couple English’s, maybe a psychology or sociology but that didn’t change what they needed to know or how they responded to an emergency call. I am not challenging a definite need to have a requirement for courses, which may take many years to perfect your craft. I am asking why we think all education should follow a set standard when we are all unique individuals.

I have since obtained my bachelors and masters degrees. I chose an on-line degree program that allowed me to continue to work as I completed the courses. I put in the study time, turned in the papers and passed the exams. I graduated from both with high honors. Those letters after my name allowed me to be able to apply for positions. They also drained my bank accounts and put me in student loan debt. Interestingly, those courses aren’t what has made me confident and knowledgeable in what I do. Those pieces came from certification courses, specialized conferences, webinars, and continual training. Have you ever really looked at how many people work in fields that has nothing to do with the degree they obtained? How about how many of the success stories in our world come from people who never took the “traditional and acceptable” route. There is a movement to break the traditional path and mold teaching to the style and learning ability of the person.

As you all know I am on a wellness journey that has brought out a desire to continue to help people in new and different ways. My mind originally defaulted to obtaining another degree. However, after I really began looking into paths and opportunities the amount of holistic modalities to wellness couldn’t be encapsulated in a degree. I was amazed at the different practices we can learn and share with others.

Let me give you a brief list:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Sound Therapy
  • Forest Bathing
  • Acupuncture
  • Float Therapy
  • Message Therapy
  • Energy medicine
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Reiki
  • Qigong
  • Cellular Activation
  • Biohacking

This is only a drop in the bucket. When looking to heal there is a need to heal the body and a need to heal the soul and energetic vibrations within. We live in a chaotic world of stress. Constant needs, rules, expectations, hurry up and go. My question is, like the standardized learning system we have created that pushes us to spend more money to earn more and more degrees, is it truly required to success in life? Is that the world we are really meant to live in?

Perhaps the reason so many people aren’t working in the fields they a degreed in and the reason so many people are reassessing their lives after the COVID pandemic burst a huge stress bubble is because there is a global call to find a more calm, less stressful and well-rounded lifestyle. The idea of “having it all” has changed over the years. I think more people would say “having it all” means protecting your time, your energy, and your experiences so you can be the best person for yourself and those you interact with.

Sending positive energy your way and hoping to hear from you all!

Tania – the Positivity Activator

P.S. I will be launching my “Build Your Dreams” Mastermind Course in the next month, if you would like more information please reach out.

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