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Neurobiologists study human behavior, they have spent a great deal of time researching how we interact with one another and what drives us. One thing that is shown over and over is humans are social in nature. This doesn’t mean you need to surrounded by others all the time. If you have ever taken a personality test you may be told you are more introverted or extroverted. Introverts like to have time alone to recharge while extroverts thrive off larger groups and being surrounded by people. I have had people tell me what jobs they should or shouldn’t do based on being introverted versus extroverted. While you may not want to be the center of attention as an introvert that doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to succeed in a field that required you to be front and center at times. I have taken these tests several times over my lifespan. Interestingly, changes in my environment, goals, and age has changed where I rate on the scale.

I am introverted in very large social engagements, however, I love providing education and motivational speeches to groups of any size. I enjoy meeting people 1:1 or in smaller groups because I think it allows greater opportunities to listen and understand one another. I think social media provides great base opportunities to connect. I have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Why? Each of these provides me different interactions and connections. LinkedIn has given me the opportunity to meet people in many countries, in various lines of work, and to keep up with new and interesting advancements in areas of interest to me. Facebook has allowed me to keep up with friends and family everywhere. Instagram is a ton of fun for me…I love pictures of all sorts! Twitter is a neat way to share quick thoughts and engage on more topics. I also follow other blogs on WordPress. I don’t have a podcast (yet), but have found many hours of entertainment and learning while driving.

Connections are the reason I have a wellness business. I reached out to life, motivational, leadership and wellness coaches on LinkedIn to learn more about their businesses, educational backgrounds and journeys. It was a way for me to start building the path I wanted to take. These connections lead me to learn about and join the John Maxwell Team, where I became a Certified Coach and Speaker. These connections lead me to meet someone who was a member of a wellness company that’s on the cutting edge of cellular activation. I was able to learn about the science, watch the ABC special report (linked below) and read all the research done at major colleges and universities in PubMed. I met team members and learned about their success. I saw the drive and passion. The energy and support of team members for one another made me want to be part of this business…so I joined! This is a wellness company that decided to pull their products off the shelves at major health store retailers…why? They realized the shift happening. People weren’t listening to commercials and salesman. They were looking to their friends, family, colleagues and social connections to determine purchases. They didn’t want salespeople, they wanted people who are educated about products, use the products and believe in them. They created opportunities for people to build their businesses by connecting. The teams came together and developed presentations that could be shared via Zoom, Facebook Live, Steamyard and more. Social media graphics were developed. Direct messaging and texts enabled the connections to continue.

Connecting is really the key to everything we do in life. The purpose may be to promote a cause -like Organ Donation! It may be to find people who enjoys the same craft, game, or sport as you. It may be to find a new position or opportunity. For me connecting has allowed me to meet people all over the world. It has allowed me to save lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. It has allowed me to become a JMT team member and develop my skills as a presenter, motivator, coach and small group leader. Connecting brought me into the health and wellness world. I have learned about cellular activation, reducing oxidative stress, how to increase the efficiency of our mitochondria, reduce brain fog, and be more active each day with increased health! I have also learned how the information I have is important for people to hear. I am positive connecting will allow others to take this journey with me and activate and enhance their lives.

Your dream is not mine and mine dream is not yours. However, we each have knowledge, experiences, ideas, and innovations that we can make each other’s dreams a reality. I hope you connect with me!

Tania – The Positivity Activator

Here’s that video as promised It’s worth the watch! By the way, he still takes that “crazy yellow pill”.

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