Welcome to the world’s newest Super Hero … Positivity Activator! Her goal is to connect with everyone she meets and collaborate with all those who want to enhance their lives by embracing positivity. She’ll work with groups or individuals. She provides motivational speeches, facilitates lunch n learns, leads Master Mind groups, and owns her own wellness company. She makes sure you look outside the self-imposed restrictions on your life to realize you can do anything you set you mind to and remain determined to achieve. She loves to educate on cellular activation through reduction of oxidative stress, activation of mitochondria and so much more. She also is a Certified Coach and Leadership Speaker.

That was the mindset I took when I asked a caricature artist to develop my Super Hero image for Positivity Activator. You see, I truly believe there are many different paths, practices, beliefs, and connections that can be used to move you from the place you currently are to where you want to be. Let me take you through the visionary exercise I used to allow my artist to make my Super Hero caricature. I decided I needed a fun, creative, energy filled way to show the passion I have for this. I thought about my kids, children today, and people. That’s when I read something about a Super Hero. That’s it! I want to be the Super Hero of Positivity. My special power will be engaging and energizing everyone I meet. I love butterflies, they have so much meaning. For me, it is about their ability to transform from catepillar crawling around and hiding underground to a butterfly full of beautiful colors and able to fly. They are eye catching, make people smile, and seeing them provides many people with a calm, warm energy. Next, I had to decide on a color for my Super Hero. I wanted to be bright, like sunshine. Sunshine is a symbol of a new day, warmth, and happiness. The color yellow is also associated with positivity and cheerfulness. Shading it with gold and trimming it with black makes it an itzy bitty bit calmer so it doesn’t overwhelm, but remains impactful. I think my caricature turned out perfectly. When I see the caricature it fills me with a buzz of energy and reminds me of my goals. I believe in manifesting your dreams. My caricature is a piece of my manifestation journey and there is so much more to come.

Yesterday, with the vision of the caricature in my mind and heart, although I didn’t have the rendering yet, I set up a booth at City Fest Trussville, AL. It was a terrific day. There were over 90 booths, plus food stands, a farmer’s market and a kids fest. As I walked the booths I realized something, there were so many people there with handmade or homemade products that displayed their passion. I walked and paid attention to how many had a health and wellness connection, it was over 20%. People stopped, they asked about the products and services being offered. Why? Because health and wellness is becoming more and more important to everyone. There is definitely a need for “Western” or “Modern” medicine. There is a place for pharmaceutical products in our healthcare. However, people are looking for alternative ways to improve their health. This includes activators, like the products in my wellness line – reducing oxidative stress, relieving brain fog, providing all natural beauty and hair care solutions, even a product to keep your dogs and horses healthier. People are interested in purchasing straight from the farmer or the cottage business owner – not a large manufacturer. They want to trace the roots of the products. That was part of the appeal for me to join my wellness company. I can tell you where the fish, herb, or root came from! People are looking into mindfulness, meditation, and yoga to reduce stress. Parents are engaging their kids in sports, martial arts, art and music programs to widen their views and engage their minds, bodies, and souls.

I am seeing a shift back to pursuing your own path, building your own dream, spending local and living engaged in the community that surrounds you. I also see people connecting via social media platforms to learn about different countries, meet more people, grow their tribe and schedule those lifetime adventure trips. Have you seen the uptick in YouTubers who share their round the world boating, camping, traveling, foodie shows? Do you feel a connection to any of them? Are you more connected to one topic or genre than another? If you are being pulled in a specific direction what are you going to do about it?

Don’t let your self-imposed fears keep you from following that energetic pull into a great universe. Check you heart, your gut, your settled mind…where are they guiding you? I am not suggesting you quite your job today, sell all your goods and just decide to do something you think would be cool…well maybe I am in a way. I am saying you need to clearly decide what are must haves in your life, where you want to go, what you need to let go of, and what you need to embrace. See it vibrantly in your mind, write it down, find pictures or symbols of it and surround yourself. Mediate on it, create it so clearly you can walk into that reality in your mind. Manifest an amazing future!

I am the Positivity Activator! I spend my time opening peoples minds up to all the positive things that surround them, even when they are having difficulty seeing it. I choose to surround myself with an amazing tribe of entrepreneurs that are building their own health and wellness businesses together. Yes, individual businesses and goals with a tribe that provides guidance, connection, collaboration, education and encourages each others advancement. We celebrate our individual successes together! If you are interested in learning more email me: If you are looking for a wellness life coach or a motivational speaker I am here for you! Let’s connect.

Happy Sunday…may you live life activated and surrounded by positivity!

~ PositivityActivator = “Super Hero for Positivity”

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Maxwell Leadership Team Certified! I have a passion for helping others reach their goals by sharing leadership tips, trainings, coaching, and really Putting Your Dream to the Test!

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