Departure Into Unknown Lands

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” My wellness team had an amazing trip to Cancun in February of 2020. It was a time to revive, reset, learn, connect, collaborate and relax so we could come back and dive into our businesses full force. I loved the saying on this little box, filled with a delightful truffle, that was left on my beside table.

Joining the wellness team to help provide consultations and all natural products that can provide cellular activation was something new to me. There have been so many things to learn and it is a continual process. At one time in my life I would have come up with a list of reasons it wasn’t going to work for me. Instead I have embraced all the adventures, challenges, and curveballs it brings forward. Why? Because at my core I want to be able to help others live their best lives. I believe in promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle and coaching others to be able to reap the benefits and share the knowledge they gain. I strive to be a full-time POSITIVITY ACTIVATOR!

February of 2020…that’s is an important date! Why? Because, March 2020 changed many lives in United Stated (it had already began in many countries around the world). COVID 19 hit and we were definitely propelled into the unknown. I have worked in healthcare since 1990. This is the biggest disrupter in healthcare I have seen. A virus that spread like wildflowers, but not in a nice and beautiful way. It has left so many dead, a significant number that have recovered suffer long term effects, families, and communities broken.

I began to see the toll it was taking on my healthcare family, friends and colleagues locally and around world. There have been many amazing storied of these dedicated professionals going above and beyond to save lives. Vaccinations came out, treatments, masks, plans. I’m not here to discuss anyone’s believes or political views that shouldn’t be imposed into healthcare. I am sharing because there is a VERY REAL personal wellness connection for all of us. We saw a light at the end of the dark tunnel as cases lowered and more people were recovering. Treatments improved and scientific advancements were made. Then the Delta Variant of COVID struck. Locally we are at the peak of COVID cases. There is a gloom on the faces of the health care teams, there is a disruption to life striking harder than before.

We all thrive off of the frequency of energy in the air and it wasn’t good. Many people have been overworked or unable to work. People have lost family members and friends. Many have health concerns that have caused them to isolate, at one point almost everyone was social distancing. This is very hard for a human who is truly driven off social connection. The energy became heavy and stagnant. It is hard to see any good when you feel this energetically negative weight all around you.

I have to pause and thank the healthcare professionals who continue to work each and every day to try to find cures, treatments, and save lives! These times have been extremely challenging…THANK YOU!

It can be very hard to see any positive with all the negativity thrown at us on screens everyday. I decided to go all in on my health and wellness journey. I disconnected from negative news, changed what I see in my social media feeds, and purposely connect with people who are diving in to whatever they love with full force. I want to be motivated and be a motivator, I want to connect and collaborate, I want to grow and help grow others. Surround yourself with things that make you smile, drive your energy and “fill your bucket”. Watch happy movies, read books that get you lost in adventures, learn something new, try something new. DON’T LET THE ENERGY AROUND YOU STAGNATE.

CHANGE THE ENERGY IN THE AIR! We truly need to each be POSITIVITY ACTIVATORS. This starts with making sure you are carrying the highest energy level possible and sharing it. Lets depart into unknown lands and create an adventure of a lifetime! What does your adventure look like? Really imagine every piece of it. Create a vision board. Share your adventure with someone else. Look for inspiration all around you!

What happened when I decided to do this? I began seeing magnificent pictures of animals returning to places that had been over polluted. I saw communities having singing sessions on their balconies. I saw families coming back together at dinner tables and then having family game/movie nights. I saw entrepreneurs who had been so busy being busy and unsure what their success would be starting their own companies. I saw healthcare heroes celebrating each small victory and supporting one another. I saw adventure come back to families through camping trips, hikes, days on the water.

We each have a choice to limit what we hear and see. We can create the perfect life around us by choosing how and what we react to. We can shift the type of energy we allow to have a presence around us. I choose to spread health, wellness and happiness. Please join me…decide to be a positivity activator within your circle of influences.

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that besides being a positivity activator and presenting motivational moments (let me know if you need a speaker), and being a positivity coach I do also have the amazing wellness business that took me to Cancun where I found that great tiny little box! We have nutrition line featuring cellular activators, a skin and haircare line that have products featuring CBD activation, a fitness line, and a cellular activation for pets! These are terrific products, if you want to learn more about them or have dreamed of being a leader in a wellness company connect with me! If you already work in the healthcare, wellness or fitness industries we should definitely connect so you can be introduced and then introduce your clients to the new age of cellular activation!

“The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands,” let us each write an amazing journey into unknown lands that will allow us to grow and feel pure happiness.

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