Positivity Activator

Hey There!

It’s time to Activate your life in a Positive manner. I’m Tania and my goal is to help you transform your life. Every day should be filled with positivity, joy, health, wealth and happiness.

The Journey Begins

The first step is the hardest! That is the decision to connect and find out more information about me and the services I offer.

I promise if you choose to hang out with me it will be an incredible journey. I love helping people reach their maximum worth.

I am here as a wellness consultant so you can discover the positivity of nutrigenomics and nootropics. Together we can take a journey full of adventures. You have the opportunity to change your life as an independent consultant for products in: Nutrition, Beauty – hair and skin care, Fitness, and Pets.

Your journey may include a trip around the Wellness Wheel and I am happy to coach you so you can achieve balance.

Perhaps your interest is more in BACH Flower Remedies, Crystals, Essential Oils…I’d love to chat about that too!

Finally, I am PositivityActivator for all and love to present to groups…topics customized to ensure the presentation achieves the desired goal of inspiring, motivating, educating and mentoring!